Reviving the 6-year old scuffed beast.


Sort of.. will be hosting this for quite a while and see what happens. Feel free to invite some friends or join the DISCORD (link in the menu) for some chatter.

If you're confused about the Discord, it's because the main Discord is not related to Maple but Terraria but feel free to tag me @ OFF#0001. As I am more interested in MS2 dev don't expect much from this server.

However feel free to hang around may ...

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Halloween Event!
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Malady (Located at NLC, Kerning & Henesys) will exchange Hallloween Candies dropped by every Monster in Maple World for various Halloween Items!

We hope you enjoy our (Slightly small) Halloween Event,

Trick or treat!

This event will last until November 5th.

Updates/Changes Log.
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So far we've fixed and adapted the following changes;

  • Fixed every boss spawning in their respective area's.
  • Fixed boss respawn timers not working.
  • Fixed HenesysPQ spawn time to be less chaotic.
  • Fixed multiple item drops not being accurate.
  • Fixed some quests not working properly.
  • Fixed some scripts regarding PQ's & NPC's.
  • Fixed 3rd Job Quest for Pirates.
  • Fixed Cash Shop disco ...

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